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House League Registration is Closed for the 2020 Season. Registration for Spring will open on February 1.

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Dear Arsenal Family, July 6, 2019


It is that time of year again to start thinking about the 2020 Travel season. The following information contains details regarding our Travel Program and the tryout schedule for the formation of teams for the 2020 season. If you have any questions or concerns not addressed here please contact our Travel Coordinators: Boys teams – Stuart Domanowski, [email protected] and 716-536-8005 and Girls teams – Craig Polston,  [email protected] and 716-860-4526.

You may also visit our website at, which is updated regularly with news, announcements and other timely information and updates about our Travel Program. Additional information about the Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League can be found on their website at

We would like to congratulate all of the Arsenal teams on a great season. As we prepare for 2020, we are looking to increase the competitive environment and give players the opportunity for more training with the primary focus of player development. Our focus is not going to necessarily be on more games…it will be on more practice, more training, more skills. That is how kids will improve. Getting quicker, getting stronger, getting faster, improving individual skills, and team tactics. These improvements don’t happen in games. They happen with an increased volume of focused training. Games are to test and evaluate growth as players and our improvement as a team. We saw great growth this year with our players and teams…and we want to continue this improvement by offering more training opportunities, more focus on individual speed/agility/skill development, with our evaluation (games) coming against stronger competition.

Aurora Arsenal Travel PHILOSOPHY

The Arsenal Travel philosophy is to provide each player the opportunity to play soccer in a supportive, rewarding and challenging environment that emphasizes fun and player development, fits his/her interest and ability, while also enhancing their enjoyment of the sport.


Our goal is to have travel teams of both genders at every age level from U10 thru U19 participating in the Buffalo & Western New York Junior Soccer League. At U10 and U12 we hope to have multiple teams. Our ability to do this depends on several key factors:

  • The availability of a willing and competent coach
  • Sufficient registration numbers in an age division to form a team
  • A minimum player skill level, determined through the tryout process, to compete in the League
  • If we have sufficient numbers for two teams we will form teams based on the results of the tryout process to create a competitive team and a developmental team



Our vision is to offer a year-round “program” of soccer in East Aurora through increased coordination and cohesion between Arsenal travel and EA school soccer. There will be an increased focus on Winter Training which will help to link the two programs, allowing players to train together over a longer period of time and in greater overall volume…if they desire. Again, the concept is to offer our players the opportunity to challenge themselves, improve their skills, get faster, get stronger, if that is something they want. Until now, that opportunity has not been available.


TRAVEL COMMITMENT - Please consider this commitment before registering your child for our Program.

Participation in the Travel Program requires a commitment from coaches, players and parents.

  • Winter Training program from November to April. Many of our teams take advantage of this time for practice and / or play indoor leagues during the winter months.
  • The outdoor season extends from early May into early August and consists of 10-14 games depending on the age group. During this time teams typically practice twice per week and play a league game one weeknight per week. The game night for each age group is listed below – please consider any conflicts that may exist with your game night. Many teams also participate in one or more local weekend tournaments during the season.
  • We cannot stress enough the importance of each player’s, as well as the family’s commitment to their team. Travel soccer, at least during the outdoor season, is not something you participate in just when it’s convenient. Players are expected to attend every practice and game during the season. It is not fair to your coaches and teammates, who put in numerous hours preparing and practicing, if you and your child cannot commit to the same level of participation.

Winter Training

We will make available multiple training days running from December through March. The focus will be on speed and agility training along with basic core and lower body strength work. This will be relevant to all athletes in all sports and not specific to just soccer.

We fully understand that our players participate in other sports. We encourage it. We want them to be the best athletes they can be and showing them “how” to train is just as important as “what” they are training for.



All registrations must be done using our on-line registration.

Registration will open in August 2019.

To register on-line please go to our website at and click on the registration link.

FEES: The registration fee for this year is to be determined but is expected to be under $200, which includes a new uniform and registration to the Odenbach Cup (fee may go towards a different tournament if Odenbach is unavailable). There may be costs in addition to the standard registration fee if team participates in more tournaments, camps, etc. This will be determined on a team-by- team basis.

Registration must be completed by September 28, after which a $35 late fee will be assessed.

If you are unable to pay the full registration fee by the 28th, you must still register and make a request for a deferred payment.

Please contact our League Coordinator, Barry Haubner, at 777-1724 or via email at [email protected] if you need to make any financial arrangements.

PLEASE NOTE: We have initiated “multi-year uniforms” in an effort to keep costs down. Our goal is to keep the same uniforms for 2 years.  All travel players will need a uniform which consists of two numbered jerseys (home and away), shorts and socks. Please indicate uniform sizes for both shorts and jersey when completing the on-line registration.


In the event that your child does not qualify for a team, or teams are not formed in a particular age group, your registration fee will be refunded, less any late registration fees. Once your child has accepted placement on an Arsenal team, refunds will only be considered if we receive written notification that your child will not be playing for that team. Non-recoverable expenses incurred by the Arsenal organization will not be refunded. Please read the policy covering registration fees, late fees and refunds, which can be accessed through the Club’s web site at



Tryouts / player evaluations for the Boys and Girls teams will be held on Saturday, July 13, with registration at 9:30 and tryouts/skills clinic from 10:00-11:30. Tryouts will be held at Knox Field. Anyone interested in trng out please contact Travel Coordinators: Boys teams – Stuart Domanowski, [email protected] and 716-536-8005 and Girls teams – Craig Polston,  [email protected] and 716-860-4526.


Date: Saturday, July 13, 2019

Place: Knox East End

Schedule: 9:30-10:00, sign-in at Know East shed, 10:00-11:30 tryouts/skills clinic

Bring: Ball, Spikes, Shin Pads

Although we may not hold a tryout for the older age groups it is essential to register by the deadline of 9/28 to help us plan for these teams. If you do not REGISTER NOW, insufficient numbers will result in no teams being formed at those age levels.

Tryout sessions will be conducted by the Club at Knox Field for each age group as indicated above. This tryout will be facilitated by our Director of Coaching (DOC), allowing the coaches to concentrate on observing and evaluating the players. Player evaluations will be completed by the coaches and the Travel Committee. Final team selections must be approved by the Board of Director’s Travel Committee. Tryouts for certain age groups may be combined for the sake of consolidating the process, but all players will be evaluated based on their indicated team(s) of choice (i.e., a U-11 player trying out for both U-11 and U-12 will be evaluated at both of those levels). Additional age-specific tryouts may be required at the discretion of the Travel Committee. Players will be notified if additional tryouts are necessary. All players should make every effort to participate in all tryout sessions specific to all age groups for which they wish to be considered. Players should be prepared to demonstrate their ability in basic ‘ball skills’ (e.g., dribbling, passing, trapping, shooting, etc.). In addition, 1v1 drills, small-sided drills/games and larger sided scrimmages should be expected. Players will be expected to demonstrate an acceptable level of technical ability and tactical awareness of the game appropriate for their age group.

Players must wear shin guards and bring a water bottle and soccer ball to the tryout. Players should arrive 15 minutes early for check in to ensure they do not miss any part of their tryout session.

We will inform you of team assignments as soon as possible following the last tryout session. Please do not panic if you do not hear from the coach immediately. Sometimes it can take 4-5 weeks depending on additional tryouts and other factors. Team assignments for age groups with multiple teams (typically U10 & U12) may not be made until January to provide the opportunity for additional player evaluations. Final coaching assignments will not be made until tryouts are completed and teams are formed.

Although League rules restrict team size, we look to fill the roster whenever possible, provided each player has demonstrated the necessary skills required for his/her age group and the expected team placement within their division. If there are more registrations in an age division than available roster spots or players do not demonstrate the minimum skills required for their age group, cuts will be made. If there are sufficient numbers and an available coach, multiple teams will be formed whenever possible. Players not selected for a Travel team are invited to join our House Program.



Player eligibility is determined by the player's birth year. Eligibility in 2020 will be by CALENDAR year. Players may be allowed to play "up" an age division, based on ability and at the discretion of the Travel Committee. Players are not allowed to play "down" an age division. The table below lists birth date guidelines:


Division Born

Division Born

Division Born

U19 -- 2001

U15 -- 2005

U12 -- 2008

U18 -- 2002

U14 -- 2006

U11 -- 2009

U17 -- 2003

U16 -- 2004

U13 -- 2007

U10 -- 2010

U9 -- 2011





Age Div              Game Night

U9-10 Girls         Friday

U11 Girls            Tuesday

U13 Girls            Monday

U14 Girls            Monday

U15 Girls            Thursday

U17 Girls            Wednesday U18-19 Girls  Wednesday

Age Div                Game Night

U9-10 Boys          Friday

U11 Boys              Monday

U12 Boys              Monday

U13 Boys              Tuesday

U14 Boys              Tuesday

U15 Boys              Thursday

U16 Boys              Thursday

U17 Boys              Wednesday

U18-19 Boys        Wednesday

“How do I try out for an older age group team?"

We encourage players to stay within their age group, however we realize that some players may be interested in trying out for an older team. Players MUST attend the tryout for their own age group.  They may also attend the tryout for the age group in which they wish to play. This will insure that they are considered for their own age group team if they are not selected for the older team. A child who tries out in a higher age division and does not make the team, but has not tried out in his/her own age division, is NOT guaranteed a spot in their own age division. Please indicate on the registration form all the age groups for which you are trying out. Be sure to inform the coaches involved that you are trying out for two teams so that we can coordinate the selection process.
Remember you MUST tryout for both teams. 


For those who do not qualify for, or choose not to play on a Travel team we have our House Program that runs during May and June. While not as competitive as the Travel Program, there is a wealth of player and coaching talent within the league. All children ages 5 through 18 may participate in the House Program. House registration is held in February 2020.


Travel players 12 and older can register to referee our House League games. There is a box to check on the registration form to indicate a player’s interest in refereeing. Please understand that checking this box does not guarantee you a spot in the referee rotation for 2019. We have a large pool of veteran refs as well as a waiting list. Your name will be added to the list and you will be contacted when a position is available. 

Volunteer Opportunities

We are always in need of volunteers to help us with coaching, field set-up / maintenance and those willing to serve on our Board of Directors. If you are interested in assisting our organization in any way please feel free to contact us to let us know how you would like to help.

We are looking forward to your child’s participation in the Aurora Arsenal Soccer Club Travel Program. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Travel Coordinators: Boys teams – Stuart Domanowski, [email protected] and 716-536-8005 and Girls teams – Craig Polston,  [email protected] and 716-860-4526.


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